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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - Butt Blaster

So its only a matter of weeks until the summer holi-bobs so I'm cranking up the workouts and adding in moves that I can do anywhere - I'm doing them in the bathroom, in the Staff room, even in my Classroom!

My bum still needs a lot of work, so I've been focusing on that area at the gym!

3 Moves that I love:

different types of squats

I love a good Squat. It hurts like a bugger after 50 but boy does it work. I like to mix up my squats and include a range to really kill my muscles. If I'm feeling really sadistic then I add a Squat Jump into the mix, 10 of those will garentee a lot of sweat!

The perfect lunge

I hate to lunge, I wobble like a baby elephant on rollerskates but I know they make a difference. Its really important to take your time when lunging, especially if you have dodgy knees. I like the tip this picture gives to sit into your hands, static lunges are a good starting point. Add in a bicep curl to work two muscle groups at once!

Bum exercise

Strangely, I enjoy this one. A raised bridge on a ball. Dig the heels in and push your hips to the sky. Squeeze your bum at the top, engage the core muscles to stop wobbling about and you will feel this. The more you push upwards, the more you'll feel it, its the downward movement that builds muscle fibres so take it slow!

So just three moves that I'm doing to blast my butt into bikini shape!

What are your favourite bum moves? xx

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