Skimlinks Test
Skimlinks Test

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - Trainers

Another week, another attempt at wobbling less! One thing that spurs me on to the gym is having new gym kit - I actually spend a lot of time in my kit now, but I love buying more but not paying more! 

So I head to the Primark of sports gear - Sports Direct. I could look at the trainers all day, I live in trainers (comfort over style most days) 

The range at Sports Direct is awesome, with some higher priced brands at discount - who really wants to pay £80+ for shows they use to get hot and sweaty?! - would you go to the gym in your &80 Topshop boots?

 1, 2, 3, 4

So, here are my picks from Sports Direct at the moment - all of these are either in the sale or heavily discounted!

All of these are under £40 which is good - especially for the Nike Flex as these are normally £60! 

I've just bought myself a new pair so I can't wait to test drive them!

Does new gym gear motivate you as much as me? xx


  1. I would have no.2 or no.3 but I want some Fitflop trainers which are currently £65 xx

  2. I love new gym gear! what started out as an old t shirt and one pair of leggings has now snowballed into a specially assigned drawer or gym gear! Love it! I love the Nike kicks!

  3. I reeeeeeeeeeally need new gym wear - it's getting ridiculous haha!!

    Sports Direct is on the way to my gym, but when pay day comes the other regular clothes shops seem so much closer haha :(

  4. I really need to kick start my fitness regime, think I've had the same pair of trainers since I was 16 - and I'm now 23! :p x


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