Skimlinks Test
Skimlinks Test

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - Sometimes I wish...

...that there was a magic tea to help make me thin

...that weight didn't disappear from the top down

...that seeing results was a lot quicker

...that orange chocolate could be classes as part of your five a day

...that it didn't matter what the scales say

...that jeans didn't toy with your emotions

...that water had magical properties that helped rid cellulite

...that there was a cream or a pill to take

...that it was possible to swap bodies with a thiner person for a day

...that we weren't judges on what we eat, what we look like or how much we weight

...that all the above was true, but it's not, fitness and health is not just a short term thing but a way of life. It takes time, hard work and dedication.

When you feel like giving up as your not seeing results, stop and look at the small achievements - keep going!

What do you wish? Xx

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