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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesdays - A Plea to the Nation

Ladies (and gents), tonight I witnessed what I never thought I would witness in my life. An event so upsetting, so shocking, something I never thought I would ever see, I didn't think it was possible.....a lady at the gym hit herself in the face with her BOOBS!

So I ask you, ney I beg you - strap your boobies down!!! 

Boobs, Baps, Boobalas, Tits, Melons, Fried Eggs, whatever you call them, get some support on them if you are doing sport. Its incredibly important that you do strap them down correctly, as the long term damage in undoable. 

Your boobs are made up of a layer of muscles (Pectorals) then all the important bits as well as layers of fat. This is all covered by skin that is thinner than on other parts of your body. This muscle underneath helps with the pertness of the boobs, but thats no good if you've gone and damaged the connective tissue on top - the only way of protecting them is with a correctly fitting, supportive Sports Bra.

You might think you can get away with a sports crop top, over the top or not of your normal bra - this is not enough! Think of your sports bra as the scaffolding to your body - it needs to support them as your boobs move in the opposite way you do, especially in running. They cover 4x the distance you run in a figure of 8 movement!!

You can pick up a decent sports bra for as little of £20 - some of the best out there are by Shock Absorber, you don't need a plunge style - compression is better, especially if you have extra boobage!

So, please lovely reader, protect your boobies as you really do not want to ever give your self, or other gym goes a boob related black eye.

Do you correctly control your boobies? 

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  1. This reminds me of a segment I watched on Oprah - she was running on the treadmill and her girls were running away from her. On a subsequent show she said after all the mail she received, she got a proper sports bra!


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