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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

26 before 26

Afternoon lovelies,

another year older, and time seems to be flying, I'm getting older (boo) and yet I never seem to achieve anything to show for  my age.
All from Weheartit
I've seen lots of post like this, and love the idea of trying lots of new things, so for my 26th year I have set lots of lovely  challenges and things to do for this year - I will keep you updated on how I'm getting on. 
  • Save £1000
  • Go to the beach
  • Walk in the countryside every week
  • Be a tourist in London
  • See a musical
  • Complete a project 10 pan
  • Complete a project bathroom
  • Take a photo daily
  • Read and review two books a month
  • Pay off my store cards - its about £500 now that I don't need as we want to buy a house
  • Visit Scotland
  • Save £10 a month for a treat
  • Cook one new meal a week from a cook book
  • Take lunch to school every day
  • Buy fruit and veg from a market regularly
  • Visit Harry Potter World ( I live opposite so I should really!)
  • Blog regularly (3x a week)
  • Bake something new on a Sunday every week - any suggestions welcome!
  • Visit the major cities in England (Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, any others ?)
  • Learn to make Dim Sum!
  • Be a better blogger - commenting on others and replying to my own comments. 
  • Make home made ravioli
  • Find a location to take OOTD 
  • Post OOTD posts
  • Write a hand written letter to someone
  • Shop my stash weekly
If you've written a post like this then please link me, or what other things would you want to do before you next birthday! xx


  1. Aw Happy Birthday! I hope you have/had a wonderful day :) love the idea of these goals, good luck! xx

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  2. Great post, I definitely want to do my 24 before 24 list :) It's great that you have so many amazing aims, I'm also adamant about try in to keep up with blogging on a regular basis this year! x


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