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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Guest Post - Create Fashion trends for 2013

Afternoon lovelies - a different post here today, a guest post about all things fashiony to sink your teeth into!!! 

'Fashion trends are all around the world; anything can create a fashion trend from clothing to hairstyles and remember fashion trends do not last. Fashion trends are not created by fashion stylists only but it can be with everyone and the trends followed would be popular. There are many chances of the trend you noticed might not be the current one, it could be on the verge of expiring. So, if you do not want to fall victim to another hexed trend, try to create your own fashion trend.

As entering into the new year, most people might think either to stay on current trends or creating new fashion trends for the year 2013. Create your own trend; all you need is imagination of the design that you hope other wearing. Once you are sure that trend can create a new fashion style, expose it to your social network and make trend spread to the masses. The following instructions help you create your own fashion trend for 2013.

1. Tip1: Write down your fashion ideas if you have any else you can try visiting many fashion websites. Check most new and old fashions and write it down that is eye catching. If you find of 1960’s to 1990’s fashion appealing then write them down.

2. Tip2: Now after reviewing the existing and older fashions, you will get an idea on each of the trends. Create a list of all these ideas and write most details about the most appealing trend. Write how you want to change a particular fashion, you can do this by adding new features to the trend or by combining trends together.

3. Tip3: If you have been complimented many times by the people on your fashion sense, then you can add those memories to your ideas. Add it to your own twist; this can help you become a true trendsetter.

4. Tip4: Put together a portfolio, if you feel any amendments should be made to portfolio then go ahead. Create a portfolio the same way as you anticipated.

5. Tip5: You can now act as your own model and check how the outfit works for you. If you admire yourself in that outfit then show social network about your fashion.

6. Tip6: Create samples of your work and if you have any friends complimenting your work try making your friends wear that copies in public places. This can expose your trend to your friend’s network; indeed you will gain huge recognition.

7. Tip7: Try to take plenty of pictures of your models and upload them on social networking sites. You can even post photographs on several fashion and crafting sites. Try to brief out a professional look at your design and put a few suggestions to wear your unique idea.

You can easily be the next trendsetter. You need to carry your attitude and let your style and personality do the talking. It isn’t necessary to run with the world to create your impact in fashion; you can still do that by sticking to your tastes and creativity. '

Author Bio : Maria Benson, a blogger. Interested in writing articles related to various topics.
Previously she researched on ppi claims. Catch her @mariabenson10.

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