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Monday, 21 January 2013

GHD Air Hairdryer - Review

Hi I'm Sarah and I'm a recovering hair abuser.

There, I finally admit it, I have abused my poor locks for a number of years, through bleaching, dying, stripping and everything in between. For years I would wear my naturally curly hair straightened to within an inch of its life - never drying it properly first, jut whacking up the heat to get it straight.

It's taken years for me to embrace my natural curl, but that doesn't mean I've turned my back on my love of getting rid of the kink.

With my old hair dryer starting to fade, I asked Santa for a new one, and Santa did his research and under the Xmas tree at my parents house I found the GHD Air Hairdryer. Now I'm sure everyone and their mums either owns, or have used the GHD straightener and as a member of the Club, I adore mine, no other straighteners have worked as well as these, so I had high hopes for the dryer.

GHD Air comes is this gorgeous box which is now its new home. Inside you get two concentrator nozzles (love that word!) which I haven't yet used, but are handy to have. The cable is similar to that of the straighteners, it's nice and long so I could move about without tripping myself up - I guess it's ideal for professional use.

Considering the amount of features crammed it, the dryer is surprisingly light weight, no arm ache for me! It comes with 3 heat settings, two speeds and a cool air blast function - all are so easy to use whilst drying my hair.

Now the question - does it really live up to the hype? In a word...Yes!! With my fossil of a Hairdryer it could take up to 40mins just to get dry but not smooth, yet 9mins in I realised that not only was my hair fully dry but not the usual birds nest - a quick whizz through with the straighteners and I'm good to rock and roll.

For me this is a real investment item, I adore it having been let down by cheaper items in the past so for me it's well worth the £99 price tag. If you want it then you can it it up from over at Feelunique and get free delivery as well!!

Yes, I know its expensive but it's well worth the investment.

Have you tired this? If you have any questions, or tips for using the nozzles (hehehe!) then let me know? What products do you use with it? Xx


  1. I rarely use heat on my hair, but if I did, I would definitely go and buy, it looks amazing!

    Have a beautiful day


  2. I've always wondered if ghd hairdryers are worth the cost, but if it cuts the drying time by that much I think I'll definitely put that on my wishlist!

    Jess @ditzyglamour

  3. I too got this for christmas from my lovely boyfriend, my hair is flat out dry in minutes and it leave it de-tangled. It is expensive but WELL worth it :) it also leaves my hair feeling smooth, and sleek after using my GHD's! :)


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