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Thursday, 2 February 2012

TAG: Bad Beauty Habits - What are yours?

Afternoon lovelies, Thursday already :)

I've never done a tag post before but talking to Lucy from Lucywrites (check out her blog, so cute!) about doing them at the weekend got me thinking and so I decided I might as well give them a go.

I picked this one up from Blair Fowler's Youtube (juicystar07)where she discussed her Bad Beauty Habits and it got me wondering what mine would be!

  • Sleeping with my makeup on - I don't always do this but sometimes I forget and just think it will be ok but at somepoint this will come back and bite me hard and my skin will look awful.
  • Exercising with a face of makeup - I exercise in the evening and so often get home from work and forget to take it off, it would be so easy to run a face wipe over my face but I'm lazy :S
  • Picking at my lips and spots - I have a really bad habit of not being able to leave spots and dry bits on my lips alone, especially when I'm stressed out
I probably have more but these are the big ones that I often do and always feel guilty about! I'm trying to change these but its hard when they are habit!

What are your bad beauty habits? If you do this tag then send me your link in the comments or on Twitter (@KnickersanNails)

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely :D I like this tag too.

  2. I do all of these.. feeling guilty now haha! X

    1. I'm trying to stop but it's hard!!!


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