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Friday, 3 February 2012

Next Valentines Day: The Perfect Gift Selector

Evening lovelies, hope your well, finally the weekend, only one more week until half term! Currently getting ready to go out with work but thought I would throw together a post quickly.
Valentines DayLove is Being with You by Tilependantjewelry on Etsy
I hate the way every year Valentines Day seems to sneak up on me. I plan to be organised and then its the day before, I have no present and no outfit! 

I then proceed to panic and sink into a pink coated fog that means I pick up the first thing I can find, ending up with something that resembles what I would buy for my Nan's birthday, rushing about in a very unsexy way!

Thankfully Next has to come the rescue with a great little gift/outfit selector to help chose something for you.

I had a go, answering a couple of questions and ended up being shown this gorgeous skirt:

There are other options but I fell in love with this skirt but as I'm on a spending ban this will have to wait until next month, unless a certain someone is reading (hint hint ;D ) Plus you get the opportunity to win one of 50 bottles of Just Pink Eau de Toilette for Women! 

You can have a go on this, by heading over the the Next Facebook page, or by having a go on my blog! You will need a Facebook account to enter the competition but its great fun! You never know, you could win the perfume, even your perfect outfit!

I'd love to find out what your selector gave you, leave it in a comment below!

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. This looks neat! Going to try it out xx


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