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Sunday, 5 February 2012

This Weeks Ups & Down #5

Evening lovelies, hope you've had a good one and are nice and chilled out after a weekend of snow! 


  • Snow!! I love the snow, I love watching it, playing in it, knowing that its outside makes me very happy, I even don't mind driving in it!
  • New hairstyle, I love having my hair cut, but I get bored very quickly and so decided to have my long sweeping fringe cut into a blunt fringe and I like it - what do you think?
  • This weekend we went up to Leicester to celebrate Andy's friends engagement. It was nice to be with his friends from Uni and also nice to be away from the flat for a night, makes a difference just getting away for a bit.
  • We had a work night out on Friday and it was loads of fun. I don't often drink as I need to drink a lot to get anywhere near drunk so I tend to just have one and then full sugar coke and I'm ready to dance all night! I wore my new dress which I haven't managed to take a picture of but I will try!

  •  Being on a spending ban is really hard as suddenly I need to payout for a lot, hair cut, dentist, 2 nights out, petrol, so I really am now living on very little but thankfully all the bills are paid so just need to find some money for valentines day and my nephews birthday!
  • No snow day tomorrow, still have to go to school which means I can't go out and play in the snow again :(
How was your week?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I wish I could post at such short notice! It's a real skill. Had plenty of snow here .. You are right .. It's cool :@)

  2. Your new hairstyle looks great. I love the snow, its just a shame that it was all gone before we got time to get really excited by it! x

  3. Love your new hairstyle . It really suits u! I went to uni in Leicester and go back all the time! Love it there!


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