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Monday, 20 February 2012

Spending Boots Points

Afternoon lovelies, another Monday and another day closer to pay day!

This month has been really hard, on a spending ban and suddenly everyhting that needs paying for has been this month, car insurance, store cards, dentist, hair dressers, everything that could possibly needed to happen has and this has left me with very little money.

So this month I have been thinking about ways to still enjoy a treat without spending anything, step up my Boots Card.

Unless you've been living under a rock, Boots have a great reward system that gives you 4 points for every pound you spend. Superdrug have started a reward scheme as well but I prefer the Boots one as you get more points for your pound! I've managed to collect nearly £40 worth of points, and so have been browsing what I could get for my points!

 Look at all these goodies! 
1) Benefit Hervana Face Powder - £23.50
2) Chanel PERFECTION LUMIÈRE Long-Wear Flawless Fluid Makeup SPF 10 - £36.00
3) Real Techniques Starter Set - £21.99
4) This Work Clean Skin Cleaners - £17.00
5) Dolce & Gabbana The One 30ml - £38.00

These are just some of the things I could get, I think I might treat myself to the brushes when they appear in store as currently you can't spend points on-line.

What would you spend your points on?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I'm still saving mine up until my birthday but I'm always wondering what I would actually spend it on. I'm thinking either a high end foundation or lipstick. If Boots have the Burberry body perfume then maybe that. :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing this nice post.If you wantto save money sequin uggs then welcome to your return visit.

  3. I saw some really nice Stila cream blushes the other day in Boots, I would be tempted to get one of those! Here they are xx

  4. To be fair I always end up spending my Boots points on fake eyelashes - they're one of the only high street chains I know who stock the whole Eylure range, I always end up doing some serious damage to my credit card whenever I'm in there!


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