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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Frugal February - A challenge!

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well and enjoying your day.

As you know, I'm on a mission to save up for a camera. This is not the only thing that I am saving up for, my boyfriend and I are saving up for a deposit for our own place but this is hard when we have to pay out so much for rent!

So this month I am determined to live as frugally as possible. This means no spending on anything that isnt totally necessary. No beauty products, no clothes, no magazines, nothing that I can survive without buying.

I'm not going to use my credit card all month, and I have to try and leave my debit cards at home and make sure I set a budget, take that cash out and live off that. I'm trying to make my piggy bank happy for once! 

Over the month I will put up posts on low cost beauty products that I love, ways of saving money as well as having some guest posts from other bloggers.

I'm hoping all the spare cash I have at the end of the month can go towards either the camera, reducing my credit and store cards and putting more towards the deposit. 

I will not be buying anything new from the 1st until the 29th (damn leap year  making it an extra day!) so no new products, no rebuying anything, no new clothes or shoes until next payday. I need to learn to use up things I have before buying new and I have soo much stuff! 

Anyone else want to join in on this wonderful challenge? Let me know in the comments, and if your interested in Guest Posting then please let me know!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. that's a really good idea! i'm attempting to use up what i have now too- great way to save up money

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. im on a spending ban too, its hard but we'll pull through :)x

  3. I'm attempting Frugal Feb too, I completely failed it last year so am hoping for better things this year! x

  4. I am saving up for a camera as well! :)
    Trying not to spend too much all year though - I don't have to pay rent but I have no job - school has its pros (for once!).

    ~Hannah xx


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