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Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunday Night Pledge - 6th June

Evening all, I missed posting yesterday as I was travelling and didn't get organised enough to set up a post while I was away and so my Sunday Night Pledge is happening on a Monday, never mind! 

Last week was a nice relaxing week filled with report writing, snacking and planning as it was half term, and the last half term of my NQT year, in less then 7 weeks I will be a fully qualified teacher with just an average amount of stress! 

So this weeks pledge is going to be short and sweet!
1) Continue with the exercising, I have lost a grand total of 4lbs in 3 weeks which is good for me as I don't lose weight easily
2) Write a food diary, I'm using the MyNetDiary app from  Itunes which I think is working for me as it shows how good and bad my eating is
3) Drink more water, I used to drink a lot and notice the state my skin gets in when I don't drink very much so back to drinking 2litres a day when I'm at school.

How was your week last week? What do you want to change next week?


  1. Best of luck with your teaching. My friend has just completed her teacher training and has a job as a science teacher starting in Sept. Hope your studies go well. x

  2. I'm actually in my first job, but after this year I am officially a teacher with no need for mentors and lots of observations, I love it now though! x

  3. Aww! Good luck with your teaching honey! I'm looking into becoming a teacher myself! I have NO idea if I'm cracked up for it though!

    And, I'm totally in the same boat about the weight loss! I have just bought a treadmill, hopefully it will help! Good luck with your weight loss journey! Would love to hear how it all goes :)

    Love Britt xxx


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