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Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday Night Pledge - 13th June

This last week has been taken up with report writing, and thankfully the first draft is now done! Hand in by Friday so fingers crossed there are very few changes to make!

It also means I get my life back, and I can start blogging again!

So late again I know, but pledge for last week went well, and I have really noticed an improvement in my skin and my weight has dropped a lot in one week (4lbs!) 

So onto this week. I pledge to:
1) Get into a routine of cleansing properly with my Clarisonic - my skin has improved with lots of water, but I think I need to get back nourishing it from the outside as well.
2) Up my protein and cut down on carbs in the evening - when I'm not working out or running about at school, I need to cut down on eating carbs and up my protein - I will try and include some recipes if people want to see some. 
3) Write a blog about my weight loss, including measurements and maybe photos - depends how brave I am feeling.

I would love to see some people letting me know what they are pledging, writing down has really helped me keep me on track - why not give it a go! :)

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