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Skimlinks Test

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Night Pledge - 29th May

Wow, another Sunday has arrived and another week where I have had no time to write anything! I am very sorry.

This week has been manic as work, what with testing and marking the tests of my class to check if I have taught them anything this year ( a positive set of results!) But it hasn't left much time, and now its half term I've suddenly developed a cold which is killing me, but anywhoo, on with the pledge!.

This is really working for me as I am sticking to my pledge and it's having a positive effect! I wanted to stick with my gym routine, my graze boxes and give my nails a rest from polish and I achieved all three! 

So time to think of a new pledge for this week, what do I want to improve on:
1) Keep up the gym routine and take my measurements this week
2) Get back into the habit of drinking water, not just tea!
3) Get organised and throw out any unwanted items in my make up collection, I have a few polishes that need a new home, and a tone of Ann Summers stuff from a previous life that needs to go!

What do you hope to achieve this week, small changes lead to big results! 

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