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Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Night Pledge and 8 week challenge

I'm getting worse at writing this post every week so I have decided to move it to a Monday when I am in a blogging frame of mind, ready to start the new week.

This post marks the start of my 8 week countdown to a wedding I'm going to and I am going to be 2 stone lighter! Since last weeks pledge, I have had a manic week, totally losing control at work with report writing! So this week is a fresh start.

This week I pledge to:
1) Keep drinking lots of water as I am starting to recognise the difference between hunger and thirst!
2) Get back into a high protein diet, cut down on nasty, IBS inducing carbs :(
3) Go back to spinning!!!

Weight: a scary 14 st 6

Where do you want to be in 8 weeks time with your weight loss/lifestyle change. I challenge you to take on the 8 week( or however long it is for you) challenge and let me know so that we can motivate each other! Next week I might even brave a before picture! What are you going to change this week?!

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