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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day FOTD - Urban Decay On the Run

Urban Decay On the Run - Review

Urban Decay On the Run - Review, bbloggers, beauty, bloggers

Urban Decay On the Run - Review, bbloggers, beauty, bloggers

Happy Valentine's Day my loves, I hope you've had a wonderful day, whatever it is that you have been up to - the boy and I have had a chilled out day and are celebrating our first Valentines as an engaged couple with a pizza and movie night.

I thought I would make a little effort today and try out one of the presents my boy brought back from America a couple of weeks ago - the Urban Decay On the Run palette was one of the things on my wish list while he was there but I didn't think he would actually pick it up for me.

The collection is designed for throwing into your bag when travelling as it contains all the essentials you would need, a blush and bronzer, highlighter, 6 neutral shadows, a lip-gloss, liner and mascara. You could create easy everyday looks with this without them being too much for day to day.

I like the concept and parts of the collection are great but it’s not a 100% win. The shadows and the liner are the best part, I love Urban Decay shadows, mainly the Naked trio but the liners are something I've wanted to try for a while - this one is in Stag, a neutral brown that glides on and stays put with a sharpener in the lid.

The bronzer is nice; the blush a little harsh on my pale winter skin, a little really does go a long way. The mascara is ok, the brush is not the best but the product does do on dark and give definition to the lashes. The lip-gloss is hideous, really sticky with very little colour, this could easily go in the bin and I wouldn't miss it.

A really mix of a collection really, one that I will use, the shadows are an easy go to for busy days or when I'm between my house and my parents, but I wouldn't buy it for anyone else, save your money or buy the two Naked Basic's palettes!

As for the last picture, taking FOTD's with Ted is really hard, so many pictures ruined today, or maybe enhanced with his presence!

Have you tried the On the Run palette? What did you think? How are you spending your Valentine's Day?

Sarah Xx


  1. I also have Naked On the Run & I do love it besides the bronzer, unfortunately it doesn't show up on my skin!

  2. Such a gorgeous post! Really want to try this palette :D x


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