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Skimlinks Test

Monday, 2 February 2015

NOTD - Models Own Red 'n' Black

Dark nails - Pretty much reflects the dark weather recently and well I adore dark nail polish. I've had a search through my nail polish stash and realised that I hadn't used this in a while. 

Red 'n' Black was one of the first polishes I bought from Models Own, I was drawn to it because in some lights it is black and sometimes it is red, like a very dark red wine colour. It applies fully dark in two coats; you can make it more or less black depending on how many coats you use. 

Formula is what you would expect from Models Own, perfect and smooth, dries really quickly and there is no streaking or creasing. This lasted me nearly 5 full days until I chipped it washing up, very good.

I love this colour for winter, perfect whilst the weather is cold and dark - what do you think? 

Sarah xx

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