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Friday, 4 July 2014

Review - Benefit Hoola

Benefit Hoola - £23.50

I'm writing this after spending that past 3 days outside in some of the hottest sun we've had this year so really I am in no need of this (read very sunburnt!) but I felt it was about time to give some air-time to one of my favourite products that makes its first appearance around the time we first start shedding layers.

Benefit Hoola is one of the most well-known products from Benefit - it’s the best-selling bronzer in the UK at the moment, it’s easy to see why really. Completely matte, Hoola is perfect for contouring the face, running under cheek bones, down the sides of the nose and around the temples. As well as this it can be used to add a touch of colour to the skin, starting out with a light colour in the spring to a more all over glow in the summer without the disco ball effect. Finally, if push comes to shove, it makes a nice neutral eye shadow, great for adding definition to the eye - it couldn't be more versatile!

The colour in Hoola is perfect for a range of skin tones, I'm not the most tanned of people but I can get away with this without looking all orange or dirty, it’s the right side of 'I've been in the sun' rather than 'I haven't washed for a week'. I use the Real Techniques Duo-Fibre brush as it picks up the right amount of product and gives a soft finish - the perfect combo!

The boxed powders from Benefit are priced at £23.50, a price some might find a bit steep but this box I've had for nearly 3 years - it does get cleaned when I put it away come winter, but I've only recently hit pan on it and it has a long way to go until it really runs out so they are well worth the investment!

Now I shall go and bath my face in after sun, stupid sports day, and work out how I'm going to cover this up, any tips???!! What do you think of Hoola? One of your favourites or do you prefer a different one? Xx

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