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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Review - Benefit Big Easy

Review Benefit Big Easy

My love for Benefit make up is not something I hide, I use a lot of their products because I love them! Every new release is carefully tried out in Boots & John Lewis before I take the plunge to buy.  When Benefits Big Easy was released I read a lot of blog posts. You see, I love Hello Flawless foundation, to me it is holy grail material so any new base release needs to compare against that.

Big Easy is the new 'multi balancing complexion perfector' from Benefit that has SPF35 and comes in 6 shades. Looking at other reviews, it appears most people feel it's some what of a foundation/bb cream hybrid - offering build able coverage but letting your skin show through.

I have shade 02 Light. To me, this is almost spot in in terms of colour match, it is slightly yellow toned so it cancels out my natural redness which I love and doesn't leave me looking off colour. I've also picked up shade 03 for when I'm slightly more tanned. 

I tend to use my fingers to apply Big Easy for day to day as it give a nice, natural finish - giving a small amount of coverage and colour correction. I have used a brush with it but I find it can go a bit streaky with a brush. I put a small dot on to each cheek, one in my forehead and a small dot in my chin and blendwith clean   hands. I'm left with a not too matte finish, just natural. Add a touch of concealer and I'm good to go!

Lasting power is pretty good, it's still on my skin 12hrs later, some slight wear around my nose but that's normal for my oily skin. Depending on what moisturiser I've used in the am depends in how shiny I am, a mattifying one leads to slight 'glow' across my cheeks and forehead, a but more heavy duty and I do start to look a tad shiny - nothing a dusting of powder can't sort. 

Another plus is that it is meant to give you SPF35 protection, which is above and beyond any other foundation I've found, perfect now the weather is getting warmer - lord knows I burn the moment the sun starts to think about putting its hat on! 

The only negative I have is how much this clings to my eyebrows, I don't know if I've got very dry eyebrows but it can't get a bit orange under the old brows, no matter how much I brush it out I can still see it! But never mind, its something I've learnt to deal with, avoiding putting this on the brows - I think this would also cling to any dry patches as well.

Overall, for me this is my every day base product, I can't see myself falling out with it any time soon. You can pick it up from Boots for £27.50 or anywhere else you can buy Benefit from. Also, check out for futher discounts at Boots.

What do you think of Benefit products? Have you tried Big Easy? xx

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