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Monday, 30 June 2014

NOTD - Models Own HyperGel Coral Glaze

Hello summer nails! Now the sun is shining I'm reaching for brighter colours again and top of the pile is Coral Glaze from Models Own Hypergel Collection.

Coral Glaze is a perfect pink coral - on the pink end of the coral spectrum, it's nice to have a coral which isn’t on the orange end of the spectrum. It’s a really bright coral, almost neon with how bright it is.

Application was a bit of a pain as it tends to bubble, no matter how long I leave it between coats; I need to investigate if it’s the base that is causing the bubbling as it doesn’t bubble when I use it on my toes. Hypergel lasts so well, I nearly got a whole week before I chipped it in the garden. Removal is great, nice and easy with no damage left.

I have been rocking this on my toes for the last couple of weeks; I keep re-applying as it looks great with a tan and sandals.

What do you think of Coral Glaze, let me know xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous shade, it's a shame application isn't the best though. x


  2. Shame about the bubbling, though I've found a few of MO's polishes to do this too. Lucy at Lucyy Writes x


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