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Sunday, 8 July 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #22

Afternoon lovelies - hope your well and either watching the tennis or doing something else equally exciting! 

It's been a quiet week from me on the blog, and on Twitter really, things at work are really shitty, when we should be enjoying our time with the children, we're actually having to do more and more work :(


- Only 9 more school days left until the summer holidays! Bring it on, then 6 weeks to recover, re-organise my life and get caught back up with blogging and stuffs.

- Finally a weekend off. July and August are Birthday season in my family, with everyone having their birthday. It's nice to see the family but I need a weekend to myself at the moment or else I risk serious burn out.

- lost 4.5lbs this week - it feels good to be back on the exercise and diet big time!

- the boy bought me a gorgeous Olympus Trip 35 camera this week as a surprise. Since starting the blog, I'm really enjoying photography, I want to learn how to get better and have been looking at some vintage film cameras for a while. It arrived a long with a black and white film so I can't wait to take it out to play!


- When will the weather actually pick up? Where's summer?!

- Had my hair cut yesterday, I didn't want a lot done but really I'm not that impressed. Being 25mins late and then only spent 30mins with me and not even finishing it properly really bugs me, have rebooked but might cancel it and go elsewhere!

- Although I love my new little Trip, I can't use it at the moment as it stinks of smoke. I hate to imagine the damage that has been done to the inside because of the smoke - it is a nasty habit.

- Feeling quite lonely here in Watford at the moment - hate not knowing many people, wish I knew more :(

So there you go, a little moan and a few positives - hope next week is a better week!

When will the weather return to this?!


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