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Sunday, 1 July 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #21

Evening lovelies, hope your well - its been a real hit and miss week but finally found time to post for you all.


- 2 weeks, 3.5 days left until the summer holidays! I cannot wait to get this year all over and start afresh in September. 

- Reports all written and submitted for checking - its nice to be able to get back into just teaching and spending my time with the children.

- It's been sunny here in old Watford, which is nice to spend some time outside, even if the humidity is driving me mad.

- This weekend we spent time with our niece and nephew. Its wonderful watching them grow and change each time we see them, especially now they are 4 and 2.

- Finally payday!!!


- The weather is turning again :(

- Never enough money to buy the things I want!!!

How was your week?

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