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Friday, 13 July 2012

Dr Bronners Facial wash

Afternoon lovelies, hope you well.

This is a bit of an odd one for me as I don't often write about skin care, because up until the last six months my skin was normal/combination and my skin are system wasn't great. Then all of a sudden, my skin became very multiple personality, one day being dry, the next really oily, then a mix of both and this cycle continued, so I've tried all sorts of products, giving them a month or more to get to work.

Then I saw Emma's post over on Ems mixed bag and remembered I had a bottle of the cleansing oil from a beauty box, but had discarded it as why would I want an oil for my combination skin?!

After she raved about it, I tried it out. It's an oil cleanser that you add water to and it foams up like a normal facial wash, but you need half the product. As soon as its on my skin, I can almost feel it soothing and stripping away the dirt, without stripping away too much of the natural oils. My skin is actually squeaky clean!

It also makes me skin less oily throughout the day, meaning I don't have to keep chopping and changing my moisturiser, plus the one I'm currently using soaks in much better, leaving me with clean, soft skin that looks so much healthier!

I love that it is multi-purpose - I've tried this on my brushes, washed my face cloths with it, the list of uses is really endless!

You can pick this up from for £5.49 which is a great price, plus there are loads of different scents - and you really only need a few drops each time!

Have you tried this? Would you give it a try?



  1. I haven't tried or heard of it but I'm going to give it a whirl after reading this. Thanks lovely! x

  2. This looks like a great product, and super cheap too! Thanks for the review

    Have a beautiful evening



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