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Sunday, 22 April 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #14

Evening lovelies, another late post but I'm feeling very low and kinda swamped at work at the moment so it's hard to be in the mood to post.


- A good first week back at school. The week started off well, with the kids excited to be back, and the new Smart boards being amazing to use!


- Its been one disaster after another with the little mini - first she started to run really round and grumbly, next one wiper broke during the worst week of rain ever and now she has a water feature inside! Sadly it's a design flaw in classic Minis so we are constantly praying for no rain to get her dried out again! 

 - Me and the gym are not really friends at the moment, but thats another post for this week.

 - I have so much work to do. At school, we are waiting for our 6month check up from Ofsted/HMI inspector to see how we are getting on and I feel like I've lost all will to live at the moment with it :( Oh to go back to being an NQT again.

 - Although I have no time, I'm desperate to start using my brain again. I'm looking at doing an online course in something, but that will depend on money and time more then anything.

 - The boys Grandad is quite poorly at the moment so its awful when the phone rings, just incase he has to make the dash to his parents house.

- That there are no more ups this week :(

Not a great week for me, I hope your week was a bit better, just hope that this picture means that something good will come out of the darkness for me. How was your week?

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  1. I hope that this week is a better week for you xx


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