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Friday, 13 April 2012

A little(ish) Primark Haul

Afternoon lovelies, hope your well. I'm just having a cheeky break from planning by taking my lovely friend and her 3month old baby swimming!

Recently I've been craving some new clothes, especially as the weather has been all over the place! So due to limited funds I headed to Primarni and picked up a few pieces.

Mint Green Chinos - I picked these up as I wanted some colour in my life that I can wear to work as their a bit smarter for summer but dress them down with some white pumps. 

Tshirt + Aztec Leggings - I fell in love with this Tshirt, its super cute! Plus the leggings are something I thought I would never buy but I love them and this is my 3rd pair!

Midi striped dresses - These seem to have become the blogger dresses recently as I've seen quite a few bloggers wearing them, but I picked them up and look forward to wearing these in the summer - just need some shoes to wear with them!

Mens Tshirts - These were in the Primark sale from the mens section but I love them. I plan to customise both of them for the summer, roll up the sleeves and cut the necks off to make them a better shape. I've worn both and am glad I got them in Medium!

So just a little(ish) haul but I needed the clothes! 

What do you think? Any bits you have picked up recently?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I've just bought some coloured chinos for work too, can't wait to wear them to brighten my days up a bit! Love the band tshirts too! xx

  2. These clothes are super fun!! :D I really need to pick some new clothes up. Thankfully my wonderful sister had some that she didn't wear anymore and donated them to me. :D


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