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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shopping my Stash #9

Afternoon lovelies, a rather late shopping my stash but I've been away at my parents house and things have been very busy in the run up to returning to school.

This weeks make up choices are my lazy choices, items that I can just throw on quickly and know that it will make me look semi-decent without being over made up.


 - Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. Still working my way though this but its behaving itself this week on my skin, sadly its not love
 - Benefit Georgia Box Blush. I use this all over to set the foundation, but I adore it.
 - Benefit No. 10 Box Blush. Contour and highlight, this is so easy to use, can contour quickly or mix the two together for an easy to apply bronzer/blush.
- Topshop Cream Blush in Neon Rose. This is a new product that gives a peachy colour. I will do a full review soon. 
- ELF concealer - using this up, I quite like it but I will do a review soon.

- MUA Heaven and Earth palette. This is an amazing palette, so easy to use and I love it! I always get comments on my eyeshadow when I use it.
- Clinique High Impact Mascara. A freebie from the Cosmo (?) magazine a while a go, I pulled it out for something different but it gives me really full lashes that are dark and thick.
- Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph. I love this to fill my brows in, its so creamy and looks really natural.

So there you have it, my makeup for this week. Normal posts will resume soon, I just need to get back into a routine of work and posting!

Thanks for reading xx

PS Hope you had a great Easter! 


  1. I love the heaven and earth palette! :) xx

  2. Really want to try pretty much all the Benefit products you have! Great post :) x

    1. If you want any reviews then please let me know! xx

  3. I've had neon rose for ages, and then I got head over heels and completely forgot about it! should really dig it out again, you have to be so careful with it tho in case it looks a bit clown like!


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