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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Night Pledge - 22 May

Ok so the blogging has not been of a high priority but this is going to change this week, I promise.

Last week I did a little post on what I pledged to do last week in the hope that it helped me out to stick to it and it really did. So I wanted to do a quick update and then write this weeks pledge.

Last we I pledged that I would go to the gym three times, only weigh myself on Monday and stick to my Graze box snacks, and I stuck to one of those which was the gym! I lasted until Thursday before I jumped on the scales again and I haven't stuck to the graze boxes at all so will do it again this week! 

So this week, I pledge to:
1) Stick to my graze snack boxes for my snack at school
2) Go to the gym 3 times again this week
3) Not wear any nail polish this week as my poor nails are splitting all over the place and need a rest! 

I shall update again next week but I would love to hear what you plan on doing this week, even if it is a small change! 

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