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Skimlinks Test

Monday, 2 May 2011

NOTD Models Own Becca's Brown

Evening everyone, sorry that I have been quiet for a while but I needed some time off. 

Summer seems to have appeared and then gone away again, so I needed a change. The polish I bring you today is one that I really like, and is my fail safe for when I'm being indecisive of what colour I want. I give you the lovely Becca's Brown from Models Own:

This is a gorgeous Dairy Milk brown, which applies like melted chocolate and it was opaque in one coat! Yet again, another gorgeous polish from Models Own, and one that looks really good on pale skin as well as with more of a tan. And lucky us, Models Own is currently 3 for 2 at Boots!

What do you think of this colour? 


  1. I think I'd get serious Dairy Milk cravings wearing that polish!

  2. I thought about teaming it purple half moons or tips, then it would be a Dairy Milk moment!


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