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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hello November - October Round up & November To Do

Pictures from my instagram -

October has been & gone faster then I realised, it's been a very busy time, especially as I've now been in my new job for 7 weeks now! I've not blogged because I just haven't wanted to, I've needed time for me to take in all the changes in my life and get my head around it.

So October was a fairly calm month until the very end - it included:
- Visits from friends
- Really getting into my routine with my PT
- A weekend visit to N.Ireland
- Making soup (it wasn't good!)
- Stocked up on candles at IKEA
- Fell in love with my foam roller
- Cooked lots of batches for lunch!
- Saw Hamlet
- Enjoyed lots of pug cuddles
- Taking lots of photos

November To Do:
- Cook something new
- Take fitness progress pictures
- Try a new recipe for lunch
- Try Zoats for breakfast
- Edit some photos

So just a quick round up of my month and looking forward to the coming months, once December is here life really gets a tad crazy with school (work) and family life!

How was your month?


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