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Monday, 30 November 2015

Blogger Bookclub - Techbitch by Lucy Skyes & Jo Piazza

I feel like I haven't actually sat down and read a whole book in forever, so when the opportunity came along to join a book club, I grabbed it with both hands!

This month’s book was the interestingly named Techbitch by Lucy Skyes & Jo Piazza.

Techbitch (Noun) someone who is a complete bitch in the technological world – Techbitch follows Imogen Tate, Glossy Magazine’s Editor, as she returns to work only to discover that her old assistant, Eve, has moved in and is transforming the magazine into an online version. As Imogen struggles to get to grips with the technology of her new world she has only one choice, to adapt or become extinct.

For my first book, it was so nice to sit down with some good old 'Chick-Lit', an easy read that I could just lose myself in. I felt that I could fully relate to having a person in my life who changes the goal posts, takes a lot of the credit for work I have completed and is just so incredibly two-faced! I grew to hate Eve's character and adore Imogen and I wanted to keep reading to find out how Eve would reach her demise!

Would I class it as a book that is well written? No, but then you don't pick up Heat magazine and expect it to be high-brow literature. If you're looking for something light and fluffy then this is a book for you.

Check out the other lovely ladies in the book club to find out their thoughts:

Next month's book is  'The Book of You’by Claire Kendal.

Let me know what you think


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