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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas Gifts - Fitness Tech

Fitness Tech

Fitness technology is something that has exploded in the past 12 months; there are some many different options for all types of fitness fans. 

First up, lots, fitness trackers. Personally I adore my Fitbit Flex, I've had it a year and vary rarely leave the house without it. It tracks the basics of steps and general calories throughout the day, connecting to an app of my phone. From there the natural upgrade would be to the Fitbit Charge as it also tracks heart rate as well as displaying the time.

A cheaper option would be the Misfit Shine which is a bargain at £30. This is like the Fitbit flex as it tracks the basics and connects to an app, it would be perfect for someone new to fitness. One that I know is quite big but I've never tried is the Nike Fuel band where you earn points as a motivation depending on how active you are.

One thing I can't live without in the gym is music and I adore my wireless headphones, no more faffing about with trying to tuck the wires in my bra! These Beats by Dre are pretty pricey but perfect  in the gym, there are loads of other options as well so have a good look around for others in your price range.

Now, not technically 'Tech' but everyone needs a decent bag for storing all the tech and fitness wear in as well as a water bottle to keep you hydrated, I don't go anywhere without my Water Bobble, I have a 500ml for the gym and a 1L one for day to day, I aim to drink 3 of those a day! 

So there you are, some possible picks for the fitness fanatics in your life - which ones would you pick?

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  1. I love my water bobble. It goes everywhere with me. I'm getting a garmin fitness tracker for christmas and I cant wait to use it

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise


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