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Monday, 12 January 2015

Winterize your Nails with Julep

Winter is always the worst time for nails, I find that the cold weather, glitter nail polish and central heating all have a nasty habit of leaving me with dry, flaky nails that break easily and simply need cutting off and starting again.

With that in mind, I've been treating my hands a lot more recently, trying to get my nails back to their normal strength, trying out a few new shapes and lengths as well as giving myself at home manicures to look after then this winter.

I've been following this litter Step-by-step from American brand Julep. I've used Julep nail polish before and it's quite a nice brand to use, their colour range is great, the only down side is it's nearly impossible to get hold of in the UK, I picked it up when I was in Paris in the summer.

This winter I've been picking a real range of dark colours, I love this time of year for nails as its when I can rock black and not get questioned - I would wear black all year round!

I might do a post on my at home manicure at some point if that's something you lovely lot would like to read, let me know!

How do you look after your nails? What colours are you rocking this time of year? xx

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