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Saturday, 3 January 2015

January To-do List

I love a good to-do list, there's something about ticking things off that makes you feel like your achiving something, even if its just something small! I've sat and thought about all the things I want and need to do this month and picked out the ones that I want to do before that days of January whizz by too fast and February is upon us.

- Bake a Birthday cake ( It's my birthday on the 14th so countdown is on to that day!)
- Wear lipstick at least twice a week all month (check this out on Instagram)
- Visit a historical place 
- Complete a week of a photo challenge
- Fill in a couple of pages of my scrap book
- Cook a new recipe 
- Read at least 2 books
- Try a new resturant somewhere! 
- Take Ted out somewhere new!

Just a few things, lots of which I can blog about so look out for some different posts over the month, including a new series for and about Ted!

So that's my to-do list for January - which ones would you like to do? What should I add to February? xx


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