Skimlinks Test
Skimlinks Test

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wednesday Workout #2

So I've done something daft - in my drunken state on Friday night, I've gone over on my ankle and right royally damaged the soft tissue in my foot and ankle :( This means I'm now stuck not able to jump around in my usual gym classes whilst I rest and ice my foot for the next week.

So in my quest to keep fit at home, I've trawled through YouTube and stumbled across the POPSUGAR Fitness videos. PopSugar is an American company, and on YouTube they have a large selection of videos under different categories. The fitness section is obviously my favourite; however the beauty videos are really good. 

I've tried a couple of the fitness videos, my favourite being the 40min cardio videos as well as the Cross Fit playlists; it’s nice to try something different at home. For an at home workout, these videos are really good, very informative, clear and easy to follow, I will certainly be using them more at home! 

Have you tried the POPSUGAR videos? Xx

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