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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summer Ready - Dove Summer Glow

The sun may be teasing us at the moment, but the time has come for the Primark Wooly tights to go away and to gradually reduce the denier over the coming months. To do this without scaring the general public, I need to start slapping on the Fake Tan.

Here's the problem; I am awful at applying fake tan - think a patchy, overly orange extra from TOWIE then thats me - waves. So to be safe, I start off using body lotions to start building up some colour.

Dove make some great body lotions and this one is very nice. Very moisturing, this is a thick and creamy lotion that doesn't take too long to dry.

I've used this for a couple of weeks and it does build a nice golden colour, not too obvious, very natural looking.

However, there are two down sides, one may be my fault and the other is the product. Every time I use this, I end up with orange ankles, the product seems to take better here so I need to work more on my application skills! The second problem is the tell tale biscuit smell. This smells of biscuit once dry, especially when I get a tad warm - a child in my class even commented that he could smell digestives for some reason - I quickly ran away!

For £4.99,  its a good lotion. I do like using it, and will continue to until my holiday!

I need help - fake tanning tips please? Any other lotions I should try?

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  1. I bought this the other day in Sainsburys for like £2.50. Even though i have a faded tan from my holiday 6 weeks ago i decided to go for the fair to medium like yours and I'm really pleased with the results so far. But yes I do agree the smell is unpleasant especially when you get a bit hot and bothered! Think I better carry around extra perfume to mask the smell haha!



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