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Friday, 19 October 2012

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque - Review

Evening lovelies,

A while a go, I mentioned that I was planning to get an ombre effect on my hair - well this happened about 6 weeks ago now, and I'm now on a mission to heal and prevent any further damage, with lots of hair masks. So when I heard about the new Keratin range, I knew I would have to investigate if it would work on my curly, damaged hair.

Keratin is a protein substance that is the key building block in our hair and nails. It helps create strength in hair, and strong hair is shiny and healthy. My hair is naturally curly, if a tad frizzy, especially in the current rain, so I was dubious if it would help restore any smoothness to my hair.

The product is quite a thin mixture, that means it makes a right mess getting it out of the pot. It spreads quite well through wet hair, I tend to use it through the mid-lengths of my hair and the ends to really treat them.

Did it make a difference? Well it does make my hair easier to style after I use it - the ends are smoother and stay smooth for the day. However I do find it can leave a very tricky residue which builds up and leaves it greasy after a day, I can't work out if I need to rinse it for longer, or comb it through better!

The next day, I do need to wash my hair again after using this which is frustrating but the overall condition of my hair has improved really. You do get a massive 300ml pot for £5.50, but I don't think I will buy this again, just because its not really that special.

How have your experiences been with this? Are there any other masques I should try?