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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NOTD - Models Own Zest a Peel

Afternoon lovelies,
Another polish from the Models Own Beetle Juice collection, this really is the stand out collection for me at the moment (can't wait to try out the Mirror Ball Collection)

Zest a Peel caught my eye as its super bright, and not a colour I would normally pick up but I love it!

It's a bright, satsuma orange with very finely milled flecks of gold glitter in it. This really zings in the sunlight, which at the moment is becoming less often, but it looks nice against a black outfit.

Unlike the duo chromes in the collection, this stays one orange shade, but one of kids in my class asked if I had dipped my fingers in orange sherbet at it looked 'fizzy' (gold star to that child!)

(sorry for the out of focus nails - can't seem to find the right pictures!)
Application was good, one coat was opaque but two really finished it off - plus it lasted a good week before real tip wear showed, but no chipping. It removed really well, and there was no staining which was great as brights can do that!

I love that Models Own keep bringing out winning collections and polishes - I can't wait for the Mirrorball and Wonderland collections - for £5 you really can't go wrong!!

Have you tried this? Would you wear brights in the winter? Xx

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