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Thursday, 2 August 2012

NOTD - Models Own Indian Ocean

Afternoon lovelies, another Thursday has passed by in a whirlwind of Olympics and cups of tea. 

Back in early spring Models Own brought out a set of duo-chrome polishes, and I must admit that I'm not really a fan of duo-chrome polishes. I picked up Purple Blue from the set back in spring, swatched it once and instantly hated it on me - it didn't even make it only the blog or a full manicure.

So I was really apprehensive when I saw all the hype surrounding Indian Ocean that I put off getting it for ages, but I couldn't resist the pull every time I went into Boots.

Indian Ocean is a pale turquoise polish which moves through lilac, purple and gold when played with in the light. From the pictures above you can also see the pink and green which are also in the polish, however they are not as obvious on the nail.

With flash
Without Flash

I knew from reading reviews that this was going to be a very sheer polish, and it took three coats to get it semi-opaque. Normally I would have layered this over a blue such as Models Own Blue Boo to make it fully opaque, especially as I have very white nail tips but I don't think my nail tips are too offensive at the moment.

I did layer this over one coat of OPI's Nail Envy as a base and I'm pleased to say I've had nearly 4 days out of this with no chips or damage. 

In my opinion, Models Own is one of the best collections of colours, with a superb formula and so well priced, scarily I think I have over half of their colours. You can pick them up easily at Boots, and Models Own for the very reasonable price of £5 or Boots have them currently on offer at 2 for £8!! 

What do you think, have you tried out Indian Ocean?

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