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Saturday, 4 August 2012

New Look - stay-cation outfits

Evening lovelies, hope your well and enjoying the weekend - at this moment I'm up north at my parents house for a mini 'stay-cation' whilst they go abroad.

As some people might no, the boy and I are currently saving for our own place, and this means that some things have to be sacrificed, and one of those things in a summer holiday abroad  So this year we're having lots of little mini holidays in different parts of the UK.

Just because I'm not going abroad doesn't mean I can't splash out on some nice outfits, and New Look is one of my favourite places for stocking up on some nice bits.

Outfit 1 - 
Black & White Cross Print Skirt - New Look
Cameo Rose White Heart T-Shirt - New Look
Glitter Wellies - New Look
Skeleton Necklace - New Look
Sun Glasses - New Look

One of my favourite things to do when I'm somewhere new is to go off exploring, especially if there is some countryside to walk through. Last weekend we were in North Wales and this outfit would have been perfect for walking around Portmerrion and Conway as the weather was great, but could have turned at any moment. This could also be worn to a festival as the wellies are super cute - I can feel that I need to own these for winter!

Outfit 2 - 
White and Blue Tie Dye Playsuit - New Look
Purple Laceup Hi-Tops - New Look
Sunglasses - New Look

My second outfit is something that could be worn when the weather was a bit warmer but would look ace rocking it along Skegness pier  especially on the Dance Machine or the 2p machines! I love the idea of playsuits,and this one would be so easy to update to be dip dyed as well! I'm loving the hi-tops as well at the moment - I live in mine from New Look even though they are falling apart not (they are ancient!) 

It would be so easy to mix these items together and add the skirt to the playsuit to give the tucked in denim shirt look which is great, and then for autumn, update the playsuit with some studs on the collar and some tights and boots.

As ever, New Looks clothing is great for the transitional seasons at the moment - so why not enjoy a stay-cation this summer with New Look and the UK!

What do you think?


  1. I love the secont! Lavender colors is one of my fave! Great outfits! Great coice! ^^

    Kisses From Europe

  2. Love both outfits hun, Lovely choices:)

    Sara xx

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  4. I love little UK getaways! My boyfriend and I are going to Devon next week, we love it there! Love the outfits you have put together :) xx


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