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Monday, 1 August 2011

Six Weeks of Summer Challenge, Week One

Afternoon all, hope your well and have been out enjoying the sun!
Today I bring you an update of my Summer Challenge. If you haven't seen my previous post then what I'm aiming to do is to see what difference I can make to my body over the course of 6 weeks through exercise and healthy eating. I am weighing myself weekly as well as taking my measurements every week.

So my previous measurements were:
Thigh -26.5 inch
Bum -46 inch
Hips -43 inch
Waist - 36 inch
Bust- 36e
Arm - 14 inch
Weight -14stone 7lbs

Week one measurements

Thighs - 25.5 inch (-0.5)
Bum - 44.5 inch (-1.5!)
Hips - 42 inch (-1.0)
Waist - 34.5 inch (-1.5!)
Bust - 35 inch (-1.0)
Arm - 13.5 inch (-0.5)
Total inch loss 6 inch!
Current weight 14stone 6 lbs ( -1 lb)

I'm really happy with my weight loss this week as it's the inchs that matter more. The fact that I have lost very little weight, but my inch loss is good which means I'm losing fat and putting on muscle which takes up less space.

I'm now up to two classes a day with a mix of cardio and resistance. I hope to keep pushing this for the next 5 weeks!

If you have any questions about what I have been doing, or want to share your success as well then please comment, I love being motivated by hearing your stories!

Enjoy the sun!!!

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