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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer Reading - Chick Lit

I love books, I love reading books, I love buying books, I love just looking at all the books I have collected over the years sitting on my bookshelf. I get my love of books and reading from my mum who has more books then our local library, she really needs another book shelf!

I used to have a lot more time for reading, but heading into my first year of full time work I soon discovered that I no longer could spend hours reading, as a consequence the pile of books to read has grown as I've bought more and more.

So I decided, now that I have a bit of time on my hands that I would try to get through the books and then write a bit of a review.

So here are my books for the summer;

Tilly Bagshawe -Fame
Tilly Bagshawe - Flawless
Belinda Jones - Out of the Blue
Carmen Reid - Celebrity Shopper
Tilly Bagshawe - Do Not Disturb
Belinda Jones - The Love Academy
Tasmina Perry - Guilty Pleasures.

These books are all traditional chick lit books, with similar stories of love, lust and everything in between which make then great reads. Each time I finish a book I will aim to write a review and let you know what I think! I already have one read to review and nearly another one finished!

I'd love to hear your recommendations for books that you have read, I'm always looking for more!

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  1. i love tasmina perry she is my fav author i have all her books!! you should try jo carnigie with her country pursuits books very funny!


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