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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Models Own Smash Up and Fuzzy Peach

Afternoon everyone, I hope you have been out enjoying the brief spell of sunshine we have had today, here it has now gone away and is cloudy again.

I had a recent trip to Boots and picked up a few bits and pieces when I wandered past the Models Own nail polish and decided now was the time to try out their Smash Up collection. I already have the Barry M Black Shatter and Boots 17 Gold Shatter, so had high hopes for the Models Own Smash Up collection, so I picked up the purple and couldn't wait to try it out! 

I chose Models Own Fuzzy Peach as my base, which is a gorgeous coral peach colour that applied like a dream. Next up came the Smash Up polish, I waited until the base was totally dry and then applied one thin layer and watched as it started to break up. 

What struck me most is that this didn't break up as well as the Barry M does, it goes sort of streaky which was a bit disappointing. Next I found that the shimmer that is in the Smash Up polish doesn't translate to the nail, and it become more Matt.

I don't know if this is because I needed a really thin layer or what but I think I need to try it again to see if I can get it to shatter better or if this is how it is.

I'm going to try this again in a few days and see what happens and then will report back. What experiences have you had of Models Own Smash Up? 


  1. LOVE IT! Ive recently done a review on the crackle paints too on my blog :) xxx

  2. So pretty, love purple and orange combo x

  3. Thanks ladies, I'm still not sure, think I will buy some more of the Smash Ups and compare if it is just me being heavy handed or not! x


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