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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A small haul :S

Ok so the title is a bit of a lie, but this is really 3 shopping trips all rolled into one - I've just been too busy to get things photographed and posted! 

I was very lucky to recieve a large amount of tax back from Inland Revenue as I had paid too much so I decided to put 3/4 of it away and spend 1/4 on myself, and where better to go then straight to Primark! 

So here it is, just a small haul! 

Floor length, burnt orange maxi skirt with rope belt - £16.00. I can't wait to wear this with a royal blue top or another colour, any suggestions of what?
Blue and Burnt Orange shirts - £8.00 each. These are going to be great for the summer with my black maxi skirt, as well as for back at school in September ( yes I know I have 6 weeks off, but I like to plan ahead!)

Aztec Print T-shirt - £3.00. A total bargin, will be living in this when I go into school over the summer with my jeans or shorts.

Blue top - £4.00. I love the front and back detailing of this top, I want to wear it with my orange skirt above, but also with my black maxi skirt.

Sheer blue Shirt - £10.00. This picture doesn't do the shirt justice, a gorgeous oversized shirt which I want to layer over black or orange tops for the summer, a slightly smarter option.
Aztec print scarf - £3.00. I love a good scarf, especially in an Aztec print! 

Cranberry Red Satchel - £7.00. Bang on trend this season is my new going out bag, so excited to have a small satchel as I really like the trend.

Tribal sandals - £8.00? I can't remember how much these were but they are so very comfy, and look really good with all sorts of outfits. There is a slight defect between the two sandals, some of the stones are not the same but you can't tell and I guess that's what low cost products result in!

Over all I did quite well, I also picked up some basic tops which aren't very exciting. Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to the Spitalfield Markets so I'm sure I will have other things to show you from there! What things have you been buying recently?


  1. Nice buys. Particularly like the blue shirt and scarf xx

  2. Loooooove everything! The skirt looks gorgeous! I've just bought a couple of maxi's. My very first maxi dress! I've always thought it would make me look short and stumpy because i'm 5ft!! But i might get away with it if i wear super tall shoes! :)

  3. @Zoe, thank you, I Always look at the scarves you wear and think I really should wear more, but then forget about the ones I buy!

    @Temporary:Secretary thank you, it's taken me a long time to join the maxi trend as I worry that although I am tall, I will just end up looking pregnant!! So far I only look a little pregnant, and that is because I am just overweight! X

  4. Gorgeous pieces, I love the sheer blue shirt xx

  5. @MissE thank you, I'm still trying to find ways to wear it! X


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