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Friday, 22 July 2011

Six weeks of Summer Challenge

Can you change your body in 6 weeks? This is something I really want to find out, and so this is become a bit of an experiment for the summer.

I have 6 weeks off work (thank the lord for summer holidays) and I plan to use this to get to the gym every day.

I aim to start making changes to my figure, not drastically but in a healthy and safe way that is possible for the average, working person! 

To help I have signed up to Weight Watchers online to track what I eat and record my achievements.

So, the all important measurements, this is what I am looking at but I will be tracking my weight on the scales! 

Currently I measure in at 14st 7lbs (3stone heavier then this time 5 years ago :( )

Thighs -  26.5inch
Bum - 46 inch
Hips - 43 inch
Waist - 36 inch
Bra Size - 36E
Arms - 14 inch
Clothes Size - 16 on bottom, 14 on top.

I will be measuring these once a week on a Tuesday, as well as weighing in! I have no idea what effect this will have on my body, but I don't want to go back to school in September as big as I am.

Is anyone else on a health kick like this, if so what are you planning to do and how are you getting on with it? I'm going to do a weekly update, please comment and let me know how your getting on! 


  1. love this! will you keep us updated on any changes?

  2. I'm going to - I have my weigh in day on a Tuesday so will weigh and measure every Tuesday, and will post my exercise schedule as well!


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