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Friday, 1 April 2011

Model Own - Utopia

Morning all - nearly the weekend and I have another polish to show you.

Introducing Models Own Utopia:

This is a lovely lilac tinged white/grey, which is very flat, and looks white in certain lights.

Out of all of the new Models Own colours I've tried, this one I actually had trouble with, and it caused a bit of dragging on my thumbs, but not something that a coat of Seche Vite can't cure! 

Out of all of the new Models Own Spring collection, this has to be my second favourite ( Concrete Mixer is my favourite one!) I think this one looks great now, I think it will really pop in the summer against a more tanned skin tone! 

I really love Models Own, currently sat on the site having a look at what I want next, but I need to curb my nail polish spending, trying to save for a deposit!

However popped into Boots today and picked up these three to try soon!
And because I haven't put a picture up in a while, here is a hamster picture, looking very cute in his bed!

I'm after recommendations for future Models Own purchases, so please leave a comment below! 

Until next time, keep dancing about in Knickers and Nail Polish!!! ( Too cheesy?!)

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