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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hair Saviours

Evening all, hope you've had a good weekend and nearly ready for Easter.

I'm totally enjoying my Easter break from school as its given me a lot of time to do things that I have been neglecting. One of the big things I have been ignoring is my poor hair.

My hair is the bain of my life, I have medium length hair that has a life of its own. On a good day I get a nice long curl out of it, on a bad day I have a frizzy mess! It used to be longer but I had it cut back in August and since then I've been trying to get it to grow back to the long length.

For school I have 3 hair styles: 1 - down and straightened lightly, 2 - down and natural curl helped by mousse, 3 - up in a high messy pony or bun.

All of these depend on my time management in the morning, and most times I end up with natural curl. The only problem is this dries my hair out loads, but lazy me wanted 10 minutes more in bed for the last week of school. So my hair paid for it and I ended up with hair so dry, you could start a fire with it! 

So I had to take drastic action, and delve into my box of tricks to sort it out, so here are my hair saviours:

From left to right, Lee Stafford Hair Treatment, Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Balm and Aussie Miracle Insurance Leave in Conditioner.

The Umberto Giannini is the best thing ever - this is a great balm that you smooth over poor, dry hair before bed and in the morning just wash as normal and it is amazing! This put soo much moisture back into my poor hair.

I'm going to do a separate post on the Lee Stafford and the Aussie, but I just wanted to show off what I love when my hair represents the Sahara! 

What do you use when you hair is in need? Anything else I should try? 

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