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Sunday, 27 March 2011

3 things...

I am so glad that this week is over, and that a new week is about to start - it feels like March has been a bit of a hectic month at work and my stress levels have been through the roof, and I know I haven't been looking after myself, putting everyone else infront of me so now I'm taking a bit of time back for me and I wanted to do a post that is more of a ramble, but is already making me feel better.

This week I am aiming to do 3 things that I hope will create some positivity in my life as I have been on a negative streak for a while! So here goes:

1) Admit that it's ok to be struggling and ask for help! This is a real big one for me, I am fiercly proud and independent and I need to learn that it's ok not to be perfect at everything I do. I've been really struggling at work with everything that is involved as a teacher but this week I am stepping back and asking for help to try and lighten my work load a bit.

2) It's ok to look different! Again, working in a school, teachers are supposed to be role models, however I am now getting to a point where I am wanting to dress more like my old self, I hate black trousers and formal shirts, so starting tomorrow, I am cracking out the spring collection, and starting to look like myself again.

3) Stop stepping on the scales every day and start getting to the gym. I seem to live my life by what the scales tell me in the morning, if it is a positive result, then I'm good at school and eat my lunch and have a good day. If it is a bad result then I don't eat and I live off tea! it's ok to have good days and bad days, but not let the scales be the judge of that! 

A bit of a moaner post but it is therapeutic after all. Can you do three things that would introduce a bit more positivity? Let me know! 


  1. I am not a qualified teacher yet but am wanting to be an early years teacher. I really love fashion and clothes and am worried it will hard to fit in but I don't think you should have to go to work in clothes that feel boring. You can still look professional by wearing nicer clothes too

  2. I totally agree, I got so many comments when I dyed my hair from brown back to bright red and now I have a purple tint in my hair now - but I'm working up to wearing my skirts again! It's hard but people do sadly judge - It will be a lot harder in early years, you need to look nice but also practical!


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