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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Life - A Weekend in Northern Ireland

Way back at the end of October, my family and I flew out to Northern Ireland to suprise my Grandma for her 80th birthday. I took it as an opportunity to practice some of my photography skills as well as documenting a fun weekend. I've been lucky enough to grow up spending time over there, exploring lots of different places and building happy memories. This trip was even more special as I got to share it with Andy and show him around all of my favourite places.

Mum & Dad hired a Ford Galaxy, we all bundled in and headed off. The first stop on our trip was to visit some of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. We stopped at Downhill Beach which is Dragonstone and walked along the beach.

From there we headed on to Portrush. I've not been here for years but it's exactly as I remember it. We parked up and walked along the East strand before heading back into town and down to the main harbour where we took lots of family selfies. From there we walked round to a pub to have a family dinner. After that it was back to the car to head over to Portstewart for ice cream at Morellis - this was always tradition on our last night over there in the summer.

The next day we all pilled back in the car and went to the Giant's Cause Way. We had several stops on the way, stopping at Portballintrae as well as view point to see Dunluce Castle. Finally we arrived at the Causeway and we wandered about, we headed out as far as we could on the stones before wandering back to the main site and popping into a little pub for some more food.

That night we were back on the plane heading home, shattered but it was well worth it to spend time with my family. Having just popped over for a weekend, I now really want to plan lots more adventures for 2016.

Any suggestions for weekends away would be great!

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