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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#sixweeksoffitness - Setting the challenge

I need to remember this.

So summer holidays are here for us teachers and it means I have to find a way of filling my days with things to do and not just raiding the cupboards and eating my weight in Thank You Teacher chocolates.

With that in mind, plus the fact I'm starting a new job in September, need to start wedding dress hunting in the winter and am not 100% comfortable with how I feel in my own skin so I've decided to hit up the gym as much as possible and get myself back into some good habits as well as concentrating on eating mindfully rather then just grabbing whatever I can find.

I'm not setting any goals, not putting in a target on how many pounds I want to lose, I'm just aiming at working out and feeling healthy. My starting point and the progress pictures are what I'm using to monitor my own progress, although I feel a bit odd about putting the pictures on the blog, but I don't mind my measurements.

Weight - 190lbs
Thighs - 26inch
Hips - 40inch
Waist - 34inch
Body Fat - 32% (This is dodgy as my scales are not 100% accurate but its a rough starting point)
Plank - 45seconds

I'm going to track my workouts over on my Instagram, using the hashtag #sixweeksoffitness as well as some of my meals. I'm tracking all of my food on myfitnesspal to keep me accountable as well as writing the odd post on here about fitness etc

I'm not writing this for people to read, if you want to read it them please let me know of any tips, food ideas, workouts, posts you would like to see, but this is more to keep me accountable as to how I'm doing.

With that in mind, I'm off to fill up my bag with some healthy snacks for my weekend away.

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